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Spam Fraud

April 18, 2006

If you've received spam claiming to be from svvg.biz, please be assured that it is not really from us. Starting about April 13th, I've gotten numerous "bounced" E-mails with From addresses from various names and E-mail addresses at svvg.biz. However, if you look at the E-mail addresses, they are just random character sequences that don't correspond at all to the alleged sender's name. If you look at the E-mail headers, you'll also notice that the IP address of the sender is not the same as that of svvg.biz. This means that some low-life spammer has decided to spoof their junk E-mail using our domain name.

We do not send any unsolicited marketing E-mail. If you're receiving any E-mail claiming to be from us selling stocks or anything else, please just discard it. Thanks for your understanding.

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