What Does Silicon Valley Video Group Do?

We offer a wide variety of video and computer services.

Video Taping

We provide multi-camera, on-location video taping using high-end video equipment. Services include event (weddings, birthdays, graduations), training and marketing videos.

Video Production

We use computer-based editing systems and Sony and JVC professional VCRs to put create your high-quality video. We can output to digital, DVD and tape-based formats.

Consumer Consulting Services

We can help you purchase, use or fix your computer and video systems.

Web Site Design & Hosting

We can design, set up and host a Web site for you or your organization (complete with phpBB forums). This site shows you some of what we can do. Here are some other sites we've done:

Home Automation

We can help you make your house smarter using X-10 technology. Control your lights, security system, and appliances from a central system.

Home Networking

We can help set up a wireless network in your home. Share information on all of your computers. Share a broadband connection to the Internet with all of your computers. We can even set up a Sonos wireless audio system for you.

Our Motto

"Video with the personal touch" means that we take a personal concern in satisfying our customers. We will do what it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

If you have any comments, please use the Contact page to send us your feedback.
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