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Computer News Sources

802.11 Planet Wireless Networking
ActiveWin News Board
Application Development Trends Magazine
BetaNews Unreleased Product Information
Boardwatch Magazine/ISP World
Broadband Reports News & Community
Byte Magazine
Call For Help
Chicago Tribune Technology
C|Net News.Com
Cobb Group
Computer User
CyberAtlas On-Line Statistics
Daily Rotation News Links
Digg User-Posted News
Digital Duo
Dr. Dobb's Microprocessor Center
eAI Journal
Extended Play Gaming
Fucked Company Dot-Com Deadpool
G4 TechTV
Go Inside On-line Magazine
Hardware Central
The Industry Standard Magazine
Interactive Entertainment (ie) Magazine
Internet World Magazine
J@pan Inc. Magazine
Jerry Pournelle's Computing at Chaos Manor
John C. Dvorak's Site
LabMice Windows 2000/XP/.NET Center
Larry Magid's Page
Macworld Magazine
MacWorld's MacCentral
Mobile Pipeline
Online Tonight with David Lawrence
PC Magazine
PC Sympathy News & Technical Support
PC World Magazine
Pen Computing Magazine
Pocket PC Magazine
Practically Networked
The Register
Robert X. Cringely's I, Cringely
Scot Finnie's Newsletter
Screen Savers (Old Show)
SecurityFocus eBusiness
Sys-Con Media
Tech Recipes Tips
Tech Republic IT Professionals
TechWeb News
Tom's Hardware
Warp2Search Tech News
Washington Post Tech News
WebPro News
Webware Web Applications
Windows Magazine
Wired Magazine
Wireless NewsFactor
Wireless Software
X-Play Gaming
ZDNet IT Resources
ZDNet News
ZDNet Reviews
ZDNet Windows News

Computer Organizations


Bluetooth SIG
Compact Flash Association
Infrared Data Association
MultiMedia Card Association
Personal Computer Memory Card Internation Association (PCMCIA)
Secure Digital (SD) Card Association
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Wireless Ethernet (Wi-Fi) Compatibility Alliance


Computer Museum History Center
Internet Archive (Deja News for Web Sites)


Digital Imaging Group
JPEG/JBIG Committees
MPEG Resources
PNG/MNG/JNG Graphics Formats


Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
Free Instant Messaging Organization
The HoneyNet Project
The IMAP Connection
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Mail Consortium (IMC)
IPv6 Next Generation Internet Instant Messaging
Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) Forum
VoiceXML Forum
Web3D Consortium
Web Services Interoperability
Web Standards Organization (Home of the Acid Tests)
World Wide Web Artists' Consortium
World Wide Web Consortium
XML Portal


Center for Democracy and Technology
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Digital Consumer Media Rights
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA)
Software Publishers Association
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Association for Computing Machinery
International Game Developers Association


Astalavista Security Group Hacking
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)
Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)
National Infrastructure Protection Center
Security Writers Guild
System Administration, Networking and Security Institute


Association of C & C++ Users
FMOD Sound System
Extreme Programming
GZip/ZLib File Compression Utilities
Linux Operating System
Mozilla Open Source Browser
Python Language


Free PC Tech Support
Tech Support Guy
Windows Annoyances
Windows Support Center
Windows Guide Network


Data Interchange Standard Organization (DISO)
IEEE Computer Society
MAC Vendor Lookup
Object Management Group
The Open Group
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
Unicode Resources
Unified Modeling Language
X Windows

Computer Diagnostics

AuditMyPC Security Testing
Bandwidth Place Connection Testing
DSL Reports Connection Testing
Gibson Research ShieldsUp Security Testing
HackFix Trojan Horse Scanning and Repair
Information Technologies Bandwidth Test
Numion Internet Speed Testing
PC Pitstop Testing
Trend Micro Virus Scanning
Unmask Parasites Web Site Security Checker
YourPC Diagnostic and Performance Tests
ZD Net Virtual Labs
ZD Net Monitor Test (17-19") Page

Computer Companies

ActiveState Programming Tools
Adobe Systems
America On-line
Apple Computer
Belkin Accessories
Computer Associates
CPen Scanning Pen
Creative Labs
Diamond Multimedia
Digtal Persona Fingerprint Recognition
DriveSavers Data Recovery
Eovia 3-D
Free Serif Software
Fujitsu PC
Gibson Research Corporation
Internet Security Systems
Intuit/Parson's Technology
McAfee Page
Mercury Interactive Testing Solution
MGI Software
Roxio Digital Media & Utilities
Safetynet Security and AntiVirus
ScanSoft Imaging and Voice Products
Silicon Graphics
SMC Networks
Sun Microsystems
Tele Atlas Mapping
Targus Mobility Accessories
TigerTools Internet Software
Vivo VideoActive Page
Zone Labs Security Software
Zoom Telephonics

Software Archives

32-bit Software Archive
C|Net Download.Com
C|Net Shareware.Com Archive
IBM Software FTP Site
Jumbo Shareware Archive
LEO Software Archives
Major Geeks Shareware/Freeware
NoNags Freeware Archive
Old Version Software Archive
Shell Extension City
Simtel Software Archive
Softpedia Software Archive & News
The SoftwareZone Games Page
Stroud's Comprehensive WinSock Applications List
WebAttack Internet Software
WinCustomize Skins & Themes
Windows 95/NT Shareware/Freeware
Sysinternals Windows Freeware
Utility Geek
ZDNet Downloads

Programming Resources


AnywhereYouGo Mobile Development Resources
Code Beach
DevX Developer's Site
Dr. Dobb's Journal
The Free Country Free Programming Resources
IBM DeveloperWorks
Interface Technologies DevCentral
O'Reilly Network Developers' Hub
Software Development Magazine
Software Development Times
SourceForge Open Source Development


Boost C++ Libraries
C/C++ User's Journal
Silicon Graphics Standard Template Library (STL) Programmer's Guide
Visual C++ Developers Journal


Sun's Java Information
Java Boutique
Java Center
Java Developer's Journal
Java Ranch Learning Center
JavaWorld Magazine
O'Reilly OnJava

JavaScript Examples
JavaScript Kit
JavaScript Source
Macromedia JavaScript Tutorial
Netscape's JavaScript Guide
Netscape's JavaScript Reference
VisiBone JavaScript Quick Reference
VisiBone JavaScript Regular Expression Quick Reference


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)
Perl Mongers
Perl Monks Help Site
The Perl Review


ActiveState Python Systems
Python Language


Eclipse IDE
Nunit .NET Testing


C# Corner
Code Guru MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Code Project
DevCity .NET Development
MFC Professional
Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN)
Microsoft MSDN Magazine
Microsoft Scripting Page
Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ)
Microsoft Visual Studio
Mushroom Software Technology
.NET Developer's Journal
Only4Gurus Microsoft Resources
Rogue Wave Stingray MFC
Windows Developer's Journal
Visual Consulting
Visual Studio Magazine


File Extensions Database
File Extension Source
Interfaced Systems International User Interface Design Page
Rexx Language Association
RichText Format Specification
Role Model Software's Extreme Programming Links
SQL Tutorial
Top File Extensions
Wireless Developer Network
Wotsit File Format Details

Internet Resources

AntiOnline Security and Hacking
DNS Stuff Tools
Eye On Security
GeekTools Internet Information Portal
Internet FAQ Archive
IP Address Guide
IP Neighbors
LongURL Shortened URL Viewer
Navas Group DSL, Cable & Modem Guides
Network Solutions Domain Name Searching
Network Tools
Robtex Internet Tools & Multiple Blacklist Checker
Sam Spade Internet Tools
Usenet Newsgroup FAQs
Usenet References
Creating Newsgroups Page
User Agent Lists
VisiBone Country Code List
Web-Sniffer HTTP Request Viewer
Whois Source

Web Site Creation Links


A List Apart Web Developers News
Cyber Aspect
Dev Mechanic
Dev Shed Open Source Web Development
Dr. Clue Tutorials
EchoEcho Tutorials, Tools & Forums
eFUSE Web Site Building Help
Elated PageKits and Tutorials
Evolt Web Master Community
HTMlite Web Site Tutorials
MetaProg E-mail Address Encoding
Jakob Nielsen's Usability & Web Design Site
PageResource Web Tutorials
ReallyBig Resource Portal
Search Engine Watch
SitePoint Web Site Design Articles & Forums
The Site Wizard
SOA World Magazine
Web3D Repository
WebCom Resources Guide
Web Developer
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Master World
Web Reference
Web Site Magazine
Web Site Optimization Tips & Tools
Website Tips
Web Techniques/New Architect Magazine
Web Wiz Guide Tutorials, Tools & Reviews
W3 Schools Web Creation Tutorials


ASCII Table Equivalents
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Color Chart
HTML Dog Tutorials & Articles
VisiBone HTML Cheat Sheet


CSS Code Beautifier & Optimizer
CSS Creator
CSS Mania Gallery
CSS Play
CSS Type Text Designer
Position Is Everything
QuirksMode CSS Browser Quirks


XML Journal
XML Page


Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE) Center
Alxnet Professional Web Tools
AnyBrowser Web Site Testing
Bravenet Web Tools
Bobby Accessibility Analysis
ChangeDetection URL Change Notification
CGI City
CGI Resources
Dynamic Drive DHTML & CSS Scripts
Feed Validator RSS Validation & Information
FreeScripts CGI Scripts
Matt's Script Archive
Microsoft bCentral Web Tools
My GPL Software Scripts
Netscape Web Templates
Simply The Best Scripts
Unipress Weblint HTML Checker
W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C HTML Validation Service
Web Counter On-line
Wickline Colorblindness Analysis
Wickline Color Laboratory


Brilliant Button Maker
GIF Animation Page
Graphix Kingdom
ImageMap Help
Pixel Button Maker
Web Site Designs Graphics


FontFace PC & Mac Fonts
Simply The Best Fonts

Video/Photography/Media News Sources

AV Science Help Forums
AV Video & Multimedia Producer Magazine
Camcorder Info
Digital Media Thoughts
Digital Photography Review
Digital Producer Magazine
Digital Video Editing
Digital Video Magazine
Imaging Resource
Lone Star Digital
Rob Galbraith Digital Photograhy Insights
Steve's Digicams
United Entertainment Media
Video CD (VCD) Help
Videomaker Magazine

Video/Photography/Media Organizations

Bay Area Video Coalition
International Television Association/Media Communications Association-International
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Video/Photography/Media Companies

AVer Media
Avid Technology Video Editing
Broadcast Exchange
Canon Digital Video
Data Translation Media 100
Digidesign Audio Tools (Pro Tools)
Digital Film Tools
Digital Processing Systems
Extron Electronics
Focus Enhancements/Videonics
Innovision Technology Titling Software
Interactive Film School Software
JVC Professional
LJ Video Engineering
MacroSystemsUS Casablanca Avio
Panasonic Broadcast/Pro Video
Pinnacle Systems
Sakar Digital Concepts Accessories
SoftImage Animation
Sony Broadcast & Professional Products
Ulead Systems
VCDEasy Video CD Creator
Visual Interactive Dynamics

Video/Photography/Media Dealers

B&H Photo/Video
VideoGuys' Electronic Mailbox

General On-line News

Associated Press (AP)
Cable News Network (CNN)
Consumer World
Fox News
Hot CoCo (Knight Ridder Contra Costa News)
Moreover News Headlines
Nando Times
Snap! Online
United Press Internation (UPI)
The Weather Channel
Wired News
Yahoo News


Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Detroit Free Press
Detroit News
Internation Herald Tribune
Los Angeles Times
Metro Newspapers
New York Post
New York Times
San Jose Mercury News
USA Today
Washington Post
Ecola Newspaper Search
E&P On-line Newspaper Search
Google News Aggregation
Home Town Free-Press Newspaper Search


LookSmart Magazine Rack
Consumer Reports
Feed On-Line Magazine
Mother Jones
Popular Science
Salon On-Line Magazine
Slate On-Line Magazine
Time Warner Pathfinder
U.S. News & World Report
Ecola Magazine Search
E&P On-line Magazine Search


Business Wire
Entreprenuerial Edge Magazine
Entrepreneur Magazine
PR Newswire
Your Company


AP College Football
Baseball Almanac
Baseball Hall Of Fame
Baseball Library
CBS SportsLine
College BCS
College Sports
Heisman Trophy
Major League Baseball
Mr. Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
NCAA Basketball
NCAA Football
National Football League
National Hockey League
The Sporting News
Sports Illustrated
Sports Network

Entertainment News Sources

Entertainment Drive
E! Online
iGuide Internet Entertainment Guide
Inside Entertainment News
Mr. Showbiz
Peeps Republic

Comedy and Humor

A Joke A Day
Annals of Improbable Research
Blonde Jokes of the Day
The Capitol Steps
Cartoonists at Large
College Humor
Complete Blonde Jokes
Computer Stupidities
Conan O'Brien's Late Night
Darwin Awards (Stupid People)
Darwin Awards (Another Site)
David Letterman's Late Show
Despair, Inc. Demotivators
"The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Bierce
Dilbert Cartoon
Doctor Fun Cartoon
Don't Forward List
Fade to Black Comedy
Fark Weird & Funny News
How to Drive Like a Moron
Humour Authority Joke Forums
The Humour Collection
Jackie Martling's JokeLand Dirty Jokes
Jay Leno's Tonight Show
Joke A Day
Just Laugh
King Features Comics
Lawyer Jokes
Mark's Joke Archive
Michael Moore
Monty Python Official Page
The Onion Satire
Peanuts Official Page
Pearls Before Swine Cartoon
Perverted Justice (serious topic, funny stuff)
Rodney Dangerfield's Page
Rube Goldberg Devices
Ruminations (Top Five Spinoff)
Sam Kinison Page
SatireWire News
Saturday Night Live
Science Made Me Stupid
Sick Jokes Links
The Spam Letters
The Stella Awards (Dumb Lawsuits)
The Straight Dope
Stamey's Page
Top Five List
United Media Cartoons
United Press Syndicate Comics
Valley of the Geeks
You Might Be... Lists
ZUG Pranks


24 Frames Per Second Page
About Film
Academy Awards Official Site
Ain't It Cool News
All Movie Guide
American Film Institute Page
Cinemania Page
Drew's Script-O-Rama Page
Metacritic Reviews
Internet Movie Database
Movie Mistakes
Movie Review Query Engine
Movies For Busy People
Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews
20th Century Fox Page
MCA/Universal Cyberwalk
Rotten Tomatoes


All-Music Guide
Am I Right Misheard Song Lyrics & Song Parodies
Artist Direct
A-Z Lyrics Universe
Billboard Magazine
C|Net Music
Gracenote Digital Music
Groove Factory Dance Music
Internet Underground Music Archive
Kiss This Guy Archive of Misheard Song Lyrics
Listen Music Finder
Lyric Attack Song Lyrics
Lyrics Style
Lyrics Time
Metacritic Reviews
MP3 Audio
Music Plasma Similarity Finder
PollStar Concert Page
Rolling Stone
The Spinner On-line Radio


BRS Web Radio
KCDU 93.5
KITS 105.3
KLDZ 104.9
KSJO 92.3
KUFX 98.5
KZQZ 95.7
National Public Radio
Star 101.3


ABC Network
CBS Network
Court TV
The Discovery Channel
Epiguides TV Show Episode Guides
FOX Network
KCBA Fox Channel 35
KGO ABC Channel 7
KION CBS Channel 46
KNTV UPN Channel 11
KPIX CBS Channel 5
KRON Channel 4
KSBW NBC Channel 8
KTVU FOX Channel 2
MTV Music Television
NBC Network
The Sci-Fi Channel
Television Without Pity Summaries & Forums
TV Barn
TV Guide
Ultimate TV
UPN Network
World Wide Internet TV

Automotive Resources

AutoShop Online Automotive Information
Car And Driver Magazine
The Car Connection
CBS CarWizard
Edmunds Car Buying Advice
Enjoy The Drive Customization
Hot Rod Magazine
Kelley Blue Book
Motor Trend Magazine
MSN Autos (CarPoint)

Food References

Acats Internet Bar Pages
Better Home and Gardens Food Page
British Beer & Pub Association
Cocktail Times
CopyKat Restaurant Recipes
Dorothy McNett's Place
Drink of the Week
Emeril Lagasse's
iDrink Drink Mixing
OrientalFood Page
Ragu Italian Cooking
Star Chefs
Taquitos Snack Foods

Gadget References

C|Net Crave
Gadget Blast
The Gadgeteer
Gadget Grrl
Gadget Guru
Giz Wiz Biz
Mr. Gadget
New Launches
NexGear Gadget News
Pocket Lint
Tech Digest
Tech Now
Uber Gizmo
ZDNet Tech Update

Mobile Phones

Cell Phone Hacks
Engadget Mobile
Howard Chui Phone News & Forums
IntoMobile News & Forums
Mobile Burn News & Reviews
Mobiledia News & Reviews
Mobile Gazette
Mobile Pipeline
Mobile Review
Mobile Tech News
MoDaCo Smartphone
MS Mobiles SmartPhone/Pocket PC Phone Edition
PDA Phone Home
Phone Arena
Phone Scoop
Phoney World
Picture Phoning
Pocket PC Phone
Smartphone Thoughts
Uber Phones
Wireless Advisor

Pet References

About Exotic Pets
American Kennel Club
DogFriendly Pet Travel Guides
Dogster Dog Owner Community
Fetch Dog Pet Store & Resources
Guinea Pig Compendium
Hammies Corner Dwarf Hamster Site
Hamster Hideout
House Rabbit Society
NetVet Electronic Zoo
Pet Web Site
Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

Science Fiction

Babylon 5 Official Page
Baen Books
Battlestar Galactica Fan Site
Del Rey Books
Earth: Final Conflict
Emerald City Fazine
Locus News & Reviews
The Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5
The Outer Limits
Science Fiction Book Club
Science Fiction Weekly
Science Fiction Writers of America
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Star Trek Official Page
Star Wars
Star Wars JediNet
Star Wars Official Page
Stilyagi Air Corps Convention Page
Strange Horizons
World Science Fiction Convention/Hugo Awards

Sports and Games

Browser Chess Single Player Online Board & Arcade Games
Flash Arcade
Game Guru
GameSpy Multiplayer Gaming
Game Tab News
Joystiq Gaming News
Metacritic Reviews
MiniClip Games and Entertainment
MSN Gaming Zone
Netjak Game Reviews
Oracle of Bacon Degrees of Separation
Pass the Pigs
Pomegranate Puzzle Games
PS3 News
PSP 411
PSP Drive Media
PSP Hacks
PSP Spot
PSP Updates
PSP Vault
PSP World
QuickJump Gaming
Sony Station
Ed's Stratego Site
MetaForge Online Stratego
Tuplay Gaming Reviews and News
TwitchGuru Gaming News
Uproar Games
American Volleyball Coaches Association
Industrial Volleyball League
International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)
Volleyball World Wide

Travel References

Airline Meals
Expedia Travel
FlightView Flight Tracking
Fodor's Travel
Maps On Us Mapping and Route Planning
MapQuest Mapping and Route Planning
MSN Maps & Directions
Orbitz Travel/Ticketing
Rand McNally
The Savvy Traveler
Seat Guru Airline Seating Information
TeleAtlas Mapping
TravLang Travel and Language Services
Yahoo Travel

Dating Resources

American Singles Matching
Amigos Matching
Blind Date on the Net
California Love
Cupid's Network
Curious Cat Connections
DateCam Personals
Date Factory
Date-Net Page
Dating Tips
Friend Finder Personals
Home Dating Network
The Internet Personals
Maggie's Pub
Match.Com Matching
The Meet Market
MeetMe Page
Michiana Michigan-Indiana Dating
Micro Images Personal Ads
My Dating Sites Dating Site List
Nerve Personals
Personal WWW Dating Service
Quick Connections Singles
Singles Alley
Singles Forum
Singles Network
Singles Web Connections
Swoon Personals
Third Age Romance
Travel Gazette Personals
True Spice

Career Help and Job Finding Areas

AIRS Recruitment
Association Job Boards
BAJobs SF Bay Area Job Search Site
Career Company
Career Magazine
Career One Stop State Job Banks
Computer Jobs Store
Data Processing Independent Consultants Exchange (DICE)
Dummies Career Center
FlipDog Contracting
Indeed Job Search Engine
Job Hunter's Bible (What Color Is Your Parachute?)
Job Seeker News
JobServe U.S.
Monster College
Monterey Bay Help Wanted
Robert Half International Consulting
Technical Interview Questions & Answers
Telecommuting Jobs
US Government Jobs
Yahoo HotJobs


Excel Partners
Future Computer
Global Dynamics
Intouch Professional Recruiting
Kforced Professional Staffing
N2 Technologies
Scientific Placement
Snelling Personnel Services
Talisman Resources
Taos Mountain
Terran Systems
Venturi Technology Partners

Finance References

Annual Credit Report Free
Buy And Hold Brokerage
C|Net Investor News
DinkyTown Financial Calculators
Dogs of the Dow
Equifax Credit Reporting
E*Trade Brokerage
E*Trade Professional
Excite Money & Investing
Experian Credit Reporting
FinAid College Financial Aid
Free Real Time Quotes
Homebuyer's Fair Financial Calculators
IT Business News
Mortgage Financial Calculators
The Motley Fool
MSN MoneyCentral
Netscape Money & Business
PayPal E-mail Money Transfers
Prophet Finance
QuickenLoans Home Loans Home Information
TransUnion Credit Reporting
Zillow Home Data

Men's References

AskMen Magazine
Men's Issues Page
Men's Voice Magazine

Parenting and Personal References

Children's Television Workshop
Coalition of Parent Support
Parent Soup
Third Age Middle Age Site

Privacy References

Anonymizer Web Browser Proxy
CardCops Credit Card Theft Checking
The Cloak Web Browser Proxy
Clueless Mailers
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Fight Spam Page
GetNetWise Online Safety & Privacy
IDzap Anonymous Web Surfing
Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out
Online Privacy Alliance
Privacy Foundation
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
The Privacy Site
Privacy Times
Proxify Web Browser Proxy
SendFakeMail Remailer List
SpamBob Free Disposable E-mail Addresses
Spamhaus Project
Spam Primer
Stalker's Page
StayInvisible Privacy Testing & Proxy List
TRAC Federal Law Enforcement Information
U.S. Do Not Call Telemarketing Opt-Out
XGAnon Anonymous Browsing and E-mail

General Political Resources

Center for Responsive Politics
The Democracy Network
E-The People
Federal Consumer Information Center (Pueblo, CO)
FECInfo Federal Financing
League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters Smart Voter
Pro & Con
Project Vote Smart
United Nations
Web White & Blue
World's Smallest Political Quiz

Federal Government Resources

100 Important U.S. Documents
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
FirstGov Official U.S. Government Site
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Library of Congress
National Archives and Records Administration
Small Business Administration Page
United States Bill of Rights
United States Constitution
United States Declaration of Independence
U.S. Courts
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Info
U.S. Government Printing Office
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. Senate
U.S. State Department
U.S. Transportation Security Administration
White House

State Government Resources

State of California
California Governor
California State Senate
California State Assembly
California Department of Motor Vehicles
California Franchise Tax Board
California Codes and Laws
California Public Utilities Commission
California Secretary of State
California State Board of Equalization
State Vital Records Information

Local Government Resources

City of Hollister
San Benito County

General Education References

The University of Michigan
BigChalk Homework Helper
BrainPOP Educational Videos
Damn Interesting
eHow Tutorials
Encarta Schoolhouse
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Guinness Book of World Records
Houghton Mifflin Education Place
Howcast How To Videos
How Stuff Works
IEEE Virtual Museum
International High IQ Society IQ Tests
Information Please Almanac & References
iVillage IQ Test
Khan Academy Video Lessons
Learner Online
LibrarySpot Reference Links
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware
Mensa International
Microsoft Learning & Research
Nobel E-Museum
Nupedia Open Content Encyclopedia
Old Farmer's Almanac
PageWise Essortment Articles
So You Wanna
Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Geography References

50 States
CIA World Factbook
Geography Maps
National Geographic
TerraServer Satellite Photos
Time and Date
Times Around the World
World Time Server

History References

HyperHistory Timelines

Language References

Acronym Finder
AltaVista BabelFish Language Translation
American Literary Classics Great Books Online
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Bible Gateway
DICT Development Group Dictionary
Dictionary.Com Writer's Resource
Fun Words
Google Language Tools
HyperDictionary Dictionaries
Merriam-Webster Page
Project Gutenberg Books On-Line
The Quotations Page
ReadPrint Great Books Online Resources
RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary & Thesaurus
Spizzerinctum Obscure Words
Strunk's Elements of Style
Virtual Reference Desk
A Word A Day
Word Ways Journal of Recreational Linguistics
World Wide Words

Legal References

Age of Consent Laws
Cal Law Page
Constitutions By Net
The Copyright Website
CyberSpace Law Center
Delphion Research Patent Searching Database
FindLaw Legal Links Page
Free Legal Advice
Guide To Internet Law Resources
'Lectric Law Library
Legal Care for Software Book
LegalMatch Attorney Finder
Legal Online
National Fraud Information Center
Nolo Press Legal Self Help
Overlawyered Legal Issues
Public Patent Foundation
Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy
Virtual Magistrate Online Arbitration

Math References

Calculators On-Line Links Page
Mathematician Trading Cards
Math Forum

Medical References

A.D.A.M. Symptom Navigator
AIM DocFinder
All About Vision
American Foundation for the Blind
American Medical Association
Better Health Page
Cancer Care, Inc.
Centers for Disease Control
Diabetes Care & Education
Dream Doctor Sleep Page
Dr. Koop's Community
Dr. Weil's Health Guide
FamilyDoctor Smart Patient Guide
Health on the Net Foundation
Health Pages Doctor Rating
Internet Health Resources Infertility Site
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Mayo Clinic
National Institutes of Health
National Institutes of Health Body Mass Index Calculator
National Library of Medicine Medical Dictionary
National Library of Medicine MedLine Plus
Physician's Desk Reference Prescription Drug Information
RxList Drug List
Virtual Autopsy
World Health Organization

Museum References

The American Museum of Natural History
The Artchive
The Boston Museum of Science
Computer Museum History Center
The Exploratorium
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Helios: National Museum of American Art Photography
The Smithsonian Institution
The Tech Museum of Innovation

Professional Training References

3D Buzz Free Computer Training
Free-Ed Free Online Courses
FreeSkills Online Training
HP Learning Center
IBM Redbooks Tutorials
MyDomain Business Tutorials
Stanford Computer & Engineering Courses

Science References

Astronomy Daily
ChemPuter Chemistry Calculators
Discover Magazine
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Hubble Space Telescope Photos
Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience
Mad Scientist Network
New Scientist Magazine
Nine Planets
Orbitron Gallery of Atomic & Molecular Orbits
Playing With Time
Science Daily
SciCentral Science Links
Science for the Millennium
Science Toys
Space Camp
Space Station Information
StarChild NASA Page
Tree of Life
University of Sheffield Chemistry Tools
WebElements Periodic Table
The Why Files
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Technical References

Matisse's Computer Glossary
Tech Dictionary
Webopedia Computer Terminology
WhatIs Computer Dictionary
Yale PC Lube & Tune

On-Line Shopping Resources

Ben's Bargains
Better Business Bureau
BizRate Comparison Shopping and Online Store Ratings
BottomDollar Comparison Shopping
Buzzillions Product Reviews
Consumer Product Reviews
Current Codes Coupons
Deal of Day Bargains
Digital Deals Electronics Bargains
Don't Buy Junk Product Recommendations
eCoupons Bargains
Epinions Product Reviews
FatWallet Bargains
FindSavings Coupons
Frucall Comparison Shopping by Phone
Google Product Search (formerly Froogle)
GotApex Bargains
KeyCode Coupons & Discounts
Kick Ass Deals
MSN Shopping
mySimon Comparison Shopping
NexTag Comparison Shopping
PC World Product Finder
PriceGrabber Comparison Shopping
PriceSaving Computer Comparison Shopping
PriceScan Comparison Shopping
Price Watch Computer Comparison Shopping
The Promo Codes (formerly Coupon Codes)
Reseller Ratings
SalesHound Local Sale Finder
Savings Center (formerly Catalog City On-Line Catalog Locator) Comparison Shopping
Slick Deals Discounts
Street Prices Comparison Shopping
Tech Bargains
Uber Bargain
Woot! Bargain Of The Day
Yahoo Comparison Shopping

On-Line Auction Company Resources

eBay Consumer Auctions

On-Line Stores
American Science & Surplus
Best Buy Electronics
BoinkMail Gag Gifts
Brookstone Hard-to-Find Tools
Circuit City
Customatix Custom Shoes
Edmund Scientifics
Fry's Electronics
Gadget Universe
Giga PC Hardware & Software
Glow-Bug Lighting
The Good Guys Electronics
Hammacher Schlemmer
iGo Mobile Technology Outfitter
Information Unlimited Scientific Products
Jinx Geek Wear
Lands' End
Micro/Mac/Data Comm Warehouse
PC Connection
Prank Place
Radio Shack
The Sharper Image
Simply Australian
Spencer Gifts
T-Shirt Hell Offensive Shirts
U.S. Wings Leather Jackets
Victoria's Secret

Audio Company Resources

Altec Lansing Speakers & Headphones
Audio Review
Bang & Olufsen
Boston Acoustics Speakers
Cambridge SoundWorks
Carver Audio
DCM Speakers
Energy Speakers
Fluance Speakers
Grado Headphones & Cartridges
Infinity Speakers
JBL Speakers
KLH Audio Systems
Klipsch Speakers
Krell Industries
Ohm Speakers
Polk Audio
Snell Acoustics Speakers
The Speaker Company
Ultimate AV Magazine
Wharfedale Speakers
Yamaha Consumer Electronics

Home Automation Company Resources

Applied Digital ADICON Automation
Connected Home Magazine Echelon Automation
Electronic House Magazine
Home Automation Inc.
Home Automation Living
Home Automation Magazine
Home Automation Web Ring
Home Controls, Inc.
HomeSeer Technologies Z-Wave Controls
HomeTech Solutions
HTI Home Toys
InHome Solutions
JDS Technologies
Savoy Software
X-10 Software

Utility References

Charter Communications
North American Numbering Plan Administration (Area Codes)
SBC Communications (Pacific Bell)
Pacific Gas & Electric
Verizon Wireless

Other Company Resources

Baynet Real Estate Live Broadcasts
California State Automobile Association
GoToMyPC Remote PC Control
IdeaDollar Invention Helping
Internet Print Shop
Macmillan Publishing
Netscape Netcenter
Panasonic PC-to-PC software migration
Photon Micro-Lights
Sharp USA
Replay TV Personal Video Recorders
Swiss+Tech Tools
Technology Associates EternaLights
Tivo Personal Video Recorders
Victorinox Swiss Army products
Wicked Lasers

Business References

Better Business Bureau
Bplans Sample Business Plans
California Small Business Association
DigitalWork Business Start-Up Page
Microsoft bCentral
Netscape Small Business Source
Small Office/Home Office Information
Yahoo Small Business Page

Free Services

Backflip Bookmarking
Blogger Web Logs
Bookmarklets Power Surfing Tools
Calendar Updates Schedules
Craig's List Community Classified Ads
eBookExpress Document Conversion to Microsoft Reader
eFax Free Fax Service
eProject Free Project and Contact Management
FreebieList Free Programs & Services
FreeFoto Images
Free Images
Freeze Free Directory
ImageShack Image Hosting
Jumpcut Free Online Video Editing
Live Manuals Product Manuals
Local2Me Community-Based Services Free E-mail
Microsoft Alerts Notification Services
Microsoft Passport Online Identity and Wallet
MyDomain Free DNS & Domain Management
My Imager Free Photo Editing
MyRealBox Free E-mail
Open Source CMS Content Management Systems Demos
Petition Online Free Petitions
Photobucket Image & Video Hosting
RapidShare File Hosting
Scribd Online Document Repository
Software602 Free Office Suite & LAN Suite
Text America Camera Phone Moblogging
Topica Free E-mail Lists
Upoc Wireless Messaging
Watch Free Internet TV Streams
YouTube Video Hosting

San Francisco Bay Area References
BayInsider Page
California Highway Patrol (CHP) Real-Time Traffic Information
CitySearch San Francisco
SF Bay Area General Information
SF Bay Area Transit Information (511)
SF Gate Page

Internet Searching Links Phone Searching
A9 Searching Index Phone & E-mail Searching
AltaVista WWW/Newsgroup Searching
AnyWho Personal Information
Ask Jeeves Searching
AT&T 800 Directory
Bigfoot E-mail Address Searching
Bing Decision Engine
Blingo Publisher's Clearing Bouse Prize Metasearch
BotSpot Internet Bot Finder
C|Net Metasearch
Cuil Search Engine
Directory Assistance Plus Personal Information
Dmoz Open Directory
Dogpile Metasearching, Phone & E-mail Searching
Excite Internet Searching
Google Searching
Google's DejaNews Newsgroup Searching
GoTo Searching
HotBot Web Searching
InfoSpace E-mail Address and Business Information Searching
InfoUSA Mail List Information
Internet Address Finder E-mail Address Searching
KnowX Public Record Searching
Lycos Web Searching
Mamma Search Engine Consolidation Searching
MyWay Portal
National Unclaimed Property Database
New York Times Reference Links
PeopleFind References
Search Beat
SearchMil Military Searching
Starting Point Searching
Switchboard Personal Information
Spokeo Personal Information
Truveo Video Searching
WebCrawler Metaearching
Webliography Page
WebRing Subject Directories
Who Called? Unknown Name Number Lookup
WhoWhere? Personal Information Searching
Wolfram Alpha Computational Engine
Yahoo Personal Information Searching
Yahoo Web Searching
Yellow Book Business Searching

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